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Black Computer

Foley Project

Experimenting with sound design around the themes of mechanics and weather

For this project we demonstrated our experimentation with different methods of producing sound through a short film and printed cards

Words in Motion

A short film presenting a narrative between The Feminist Mystique by Betty Freidan and the present

This project focuses on the theme of housework, incorporating text extracted from Freidan's book into everyday chores within a domestic setting, followed by a sequence of women expressing their thoughts on current feminism, to provide a commentary on how the movement has progressed.
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Engage & Enrage

A poster aimed at raising awareness of ADHD symptoms in girls

ADHD often presents itself very obviously if looking at boys with the disorder, yet the signs displayed by girls with the disorder are equally as recognisable if looked for. I wanted to translate this concept of perceptions standing in the way of acknowledging a different representation of the disorder.
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A publication based on the Staple Hill area of Bristol's suburbs

In this project, I aimed to draw attention to a seemingly mundane area that might otherwise be overlooked, and the publication consists of rubbings and photography of engravings on a brick wall.
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