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Questioning Visual Materials

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

In this blog post I will be exploring 5 paradigms of designer Noma Bar.

1. He often creates his imagery by incorporating key elements of a theme into his pieces. This technique is fascinating to look at due to its simplicity and the ingenious mind that works behind each piece.

2. His work is primarily digitally based, and this can be credited for the simplicity and clean look to his work. This might lead one to believe he is very calculated in every element of his design, yet he keeps sketchbooks for the more experimental elements of his creative process.

3. His habit of keeping physical sketchbooks to record his processes. This suggests his creative process is often very broad and relaxed. He says “sometimes a little mistake or something going wrong can make it more interesting”.

4. His idea generation can take very experimental forms, this allows him to be more expressive with his designs and ideas, and ultimately explains his success as a designer.

5. He has worked for big names such as The Guardian, Here London, and several other big magazines and zines. This could suggest that his work is often quite commercial, yet I feel the ingenuity behind his design appeals most strongly to other designers.


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