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KENZINE volume 2: Toilet Paper x Kenzo

In exploring ideas and themes surrounding visual culture in graphic design, I have been tasked with producing a short essay based around a visual artefact of my own choosing, in order to discuss two concepts I have taken from my lectures, in relation to and in the context of my chosen image or object.

For my essays I have chosen to analyse the the cover of the second volume of the collaborative zine by Toilet Paper Magazine and fashion brand Kenzo, cleverly titled 'KENZINE'.

I feel that the ambiguity of the nature of the image will provide a number of good talking points and, as there is no context to the image, I am looking forward to the challenge of piecing together my own ideas on what I make of the image, as well as how I feel it may be perceived to others.

#kenzo #fashion #photography #surrealism #kenzine #toiletpapermagazine


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